Vol 7 : Fashion Photography

When people stand in front of the mirror to have a good long look at themselves, they always hope to see a better reflection of themselves than what they have seen previously and with all this, they have grown conscious of how they appear and how comfortable they are with what they wear.Not only their clothes, but also their comfort level, express the sense of style and their conformity to the outer world.In this issue, what we have focussed on might not be the mainstream fashion and
people might not get the hype that revolves around the fashion world but what we
have here is something that is responsible for all that we have achieved so far in this
industry. Be it natural beauty by Lynn Theisen, backstage brilliance by Ishaan Nair, or
the street fashion by Rohit Arora which is now gaining popularity among the more
prominent photographers.The interview with John Rawson is an eye opener. He is has been through it all andhis experiences form a great lesson for all of us. The series of Roshini Kumar with Suhail Nayyar is also a masterpiece in itself which is a true symbol of comfortable fashion statements. Rod Klein and Jorge Gonzalez’s underwater fashion photographs present an altogether different approach to see things.


Fashion, Travel, Wedding