Volume 27 : Astrophotography

Chiiz Vol. 27: Astrophotography Special showcases the work of brilliant photographers who have tried and created their own Starry Night. Witness ‘A World Beyond Our Own’ as we present some of NASA’s picturesque photographs. We have Harold Feinstein’s photographs from the archives which just goes to prove how much of a great photographer he was.
Ben McRae presents us with a glimpse of ‘The San’— a tribal community in South Africa. Makeup Artist of the Month, Shraddha Naik wows us with her skills and showcases art of her own.
The work of brilliant astrophotographers like Mauro Cirigliano, Nicolai Brugger, Ninad Bartakke, Sergio Conceicao, Sanak Roy Choudhury, Ulf Aspland and Vivian Ambrose makes one want to stand and stare at the vast expanse that is the universe.
This month, let us lie down and watch those gaseous explosions that reach to us as twinkling lights. Learn from them that just like there are no good or bad stars, no badly or well-arranged
constellations, there is no good or bad art. So learn, create and inspire.


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