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Chiiz is first of its kind publication devoted to descriptive photography. Drawing on the requirements of a photo enthusiast, Chiiz features photographers and their unique and incisive stories from across the globe. With the EXIF details of every capture, we try to give the reader a perspective that helps him/her understand the shot better and recreate it. Photographers from around the world have been featured showcasing their outstanding work in different genres of photography.

Chiiz is a unique photography magazine that is dedicated to descriptive photography. In our second volume, we have tried to showcase the diversity of photography genres ranging from Birth Photography to Wildlife Photography and from Underwater Photography to Fashion Photography. It is an astounding fiesta to eyes and there is not a single photograph that can elude your attention. We are sure that the works of Brandon Mikesell, Garrett Patz and Tina Sokolovskaya is all you have to take home for a nice indulgence over a sojourn.


In this issue, photographers like Jan Schlegel, Aga Syzdlik and Izla Boltena explore the lifestyle of the people in tribal areas and also the issues that affect them. The aerial segment gets bigger and wider attention as talented photographers like Navtej Singh, Abdul Momin, Thomas Ferrari and many more give you a new perspective to look at things. Photographer Francesco Ridolfi presents, from the bottom of a bathtub, contrasting perceptions of a human mind in his exceptional series “Room 322”. Nithil Dennis takes us to a town that is lost in time in “Frozen in Time”. “Bal Brahmacharis- Innocence Draped in Yellow” takes us to the streets of Banaras where a bunch of boys practice a faith that is nothing short of a herculean task. Discover all this and more, and indulge the photo-freak in you with this issue.

Wildlife Photography is the most sought after genre of photography today. In our 4th Volume, we have explored the avenues far from the reality with photographers like, Dr. Serhat Demiroglu, Neal Cooper, Dr. Naresh Swami, Natalie Bondarenko and many more.Photographer Alexander Yakovlev and Noe Lozano presents us the most beautiful of portraits, both in dance and fashion category. Camilla Tombari so beautifully shares her story of the dances of whales and her encounter with them. The most enthralling story would be from Mrs. Uma Raghuraman, the MasterChefMom, with her beautiful art of food creation and decoration. Discover all this and more, and indulge the photo-freak in you with this issue.


As the fever of travel is gripping the world, we present to you our Travel Special Volume 5. When they say go out and travel, it does not mean go out of your city or home or office, it means getting out of your previous self and being happy and content in the present form. The desire to step out of home is a good thing, but conquering the fears once you step out is the real thing and what it takes to reach that summit.We have stories from Mr. John Edwards, about his journey to capture 5000 smiles while travelling 5000 miles; Devyani’s trip to the calm and peace of Spiti Valley; James Morgan, on the last of the surviving sea nomads in Bajau Laut; Ariana Lindquist on her excursions in China and the rise of Folk Religion there; Franca Marquardt, on how she backpacked for 5 months on her own in someof the sought after cultural capitals of the world and many more like Sabrina Andrea Sachs, Martin Puddy or James Samarji.Get out, take inspiration from these travelers, for they did step out and conquer that summit, we all know as life.

Weddings are a grand affair all around the world and Chiiz just made it a little better by showcasing the world what it means to have a grand affair revolving around you. This issue not onlyfocuses on the weddings covered by some of the most amazing photographers but also, what all can be done to make this pompous show a hit. Jai Long and Katia Peshakova are the best examples ofinnovative and awe-inspiring photography. Also, Dirk Kuijt has shown a very romantic affair of Earnst and Jesper and tells the tale of two people in love, a love that know no boundaries. Indulgeyourself in this feast and we are sure that such amount of happiness will make rethink about that big grand affair in your life.


When people stand in front of the mirror to have a good long look at themselves, they always hope to see a better reflection of themselves than what they have seen previously and with all this, they have grown conscious of how they appear and how comfortable they are with what they wear. Be it natural beauty by Lynn Theisen, backstage brilliance by Ishaan Nair, or the street fashion by Rohit Arora which is now gaining popularity among the more prominent photographers.The interview with John Rawson is an eye opener. He is has been through it all andhis experiences form a great lesson for all of us. The series of Roshini Kumar with Suhail Nayyar is also a masterpiece in itself which is a true symbol of comfortable fashion statements. Rod Klein and Jorge Gonzalez’s underwater fashion photographs present an altogether different approach to see things.

This issue from Chiiz is dedicated to Street Photography. With Vineet Vohra as our guest editor, we have shared some amazing stories totally different from the mainstream concepts. The streets, they say, ain’t just for anybody. It’s true that we all roam about in those streets everyday, walking down the same lanes a hundred times and yet we don’t see what is right in front of us. As street photographers, we try to capture human engagement, as the moments unfold around us.


In this chiiz edition, we are providing you with the chance to become a part of distant cultures. The best way to learn about varied traditions is to experience their festivals. So here comes the festival edition. This time Shikha shood will take you to the streets of Kullu, to experience Kullu Dusshera. India’s spiritual aspect is powerfully depicted in the pictures of Yassir Al-Zain. Bhagiraj Sivagnanasundaram is introducing us with Theyyam (spiritual art form of Kerala). Get the tips to cover a festival by Anoop Negi. Umesh Gong is sharing his experience of photography, providing a visual trip to pushkar. Witness Lord Shiva’s holy marriage with Goddess Harkali in the art-flooded streets of West Bengal through the lens of Arpan Basu Chowdhuri and find a lot ore amusing content in this issue

This issue from Chiiz is dedicated to Street Photography. With Vineet Vohra as our guest editor, we have shared some amazing stories totally different from the mainstream concepts. The streets, they say, ain’t just for anybody. It’s true that we all roam about in those streets everyday, walking down the same lanes a hundred times and yet we don’t see what is right in front of us. As street photographers, we try to capture human engagement, as the moments unfold around us.

Volume 10
Volume 11

Macro is the genre of photography, which when perfectly captured, can take you to a different world. Be it flowers, birds, insects or any such regular subject present in our surrounding, appears completely different in the zoom lens. When it comes to macro, it requires both skills and patience. This volume is obliged to deliver you with fascinating content. The work of Nicky Bay will leave you in amusement. The beauty pf underwater world of wonderfully captured by Rudo Hvizdos. Exit Hamster will take you on a trip to Oktoberfest through his pictures. Michael Doe’s Project Maratus will introduce you with the prettiest spiders in the world. Pictures by Abd Al-rhman Nafez Hammad are simply a work of excellence. Huub De Waard provides you with the tips to capture Macro Life. The pictures of fine art nude photography, the Muses, will leave you in awe and admiration by its marvelous photography. Find this lot more amazing content in the issue.

Drawing from the most expressive muse, Chiiz introduces its next instalment on Faces. We have incorporated the works of many proficient photographers to bring to you this month’s issue. Ingenious photographers like Wolf Ademite, Erich Caparas, JP Stones, Leroy Skalstad and Marco Vendittelli break new ground with their portraits. Vedat Satilmis’ and Puneet Jain’s work on monochrome Faces is awe-inspiring and epitomize the true theme of this issue. The portraits by Harshawardhan Nevkar depict the Indian street portraiture in all its finesse. Suniel Marathe amazes with sensational boudoir photography that is staggering in itself. Overall this issue is replete with amazing portraiture that will leave you in awe and admiration, looking for untold stories in the masks that people wear.

Volume 12
Volume 13

Chiiz brings to you Volume 13- Landscape Edition that is bound to take you to places that you might have seen but not quite this way. With the advent of spring, Rohan Shrestha takes us to witness the ‘Hanami’ (the cherry blossoms festival) in Japan and Arturo Lopez Illana unfolds the “Ochre Paradise” that is the Leh-Zanskar Valley in the pages of Chiiz. Wildlife photographer and Nikon UK Brand Ambassador, Richard Peters takes the art of photographing wildlife and landscapes a notch above the rest with his amazing work in “Spotlight on Wildlife”. Mandira Bahl captures the “Tough Beauties” of New York City as they ride out the stereotypes and redefine strength, determination, dedication and fervor. Chiiz showcases brilliant photographers from chiiz.com and features amazing content that will leave one enthralled, in the “Chiiz Gallery”. The food photography by Subhadip Malakar will have you drooling over the pages and how Howard Schatz transforms the human bodies into a vision of his own. Join in on this 100-page journey and align yourself with the sense of the world that these amazing photographers saw and captured.

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Volume 15

Let’s indulge in the seabeds of photography as this time we have gone a bit deeper and made our camera talk with sharks and whales. There’s nothing wrong with looking at the surface of the ocean and enjoying the view, except that when you finally see what goes underwater, you realize that you’ve been missing the bigger picture. Some underwater photographs might capture marine wildlife, like fish and plants, while other underwater photographs may focus on the landscape. Anup J Kat takes us into a vibrant world and shows us a glimpse of the flora and fauna under the water. Jai Thakur explores Nepal and takes the audience along with him to the mystical land in his series, ‘Through Doors and Windows’. The fantastic take of Henley Spears on marine life is a treat to the eyes and leave you wanting for more. Andrey Shpatak has some amazing shots of the various species of Jellyfish that will leave you spellbound. Emotion hunter, Andrea Izzotti’s work on marine life is bound to take your breath away as he captures the life of sea creatures in a way that will leave you in amazement. You might as well hold your breath while you’re at it because this issue also features Randy Rocket’s work and the product of Muses Photography Workshop on Fine Art Figure Study. The participants’ photographs are on display and are a visual delight for anybody who lays eyes on them.

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Volume 18
Naari Photography

Chiiz is back with it’s Volume 19 which is dedicated to women for the entire world to indulge. The magazine covers numerous exceptional stories of struggles, indomitable will, courage to face the adverse situations and of groundbreaking success that women across the world have achieved. In this issue, we raise our cameras and look up to some strong women.

The Dance issue of Chiiz Magazine brings to you the movements of dance-ruled by the passion of dancers and capture through the lens of some proficient photographers. The relationship that dance and photography share has been beautifully brought out in the dance photography special issue. The beautiful dynamic between the dancer as the subject in front of the lens and the artist capturing the movement from behind the lens is evident in the photographs that grace this month’s issue. So tap your feet, groove to the beat of your heart and dance like no one’s watching.

Volume 20 : Dance
Mountain Photography

The mountains, they say, never appear quite the same again. Maybe, that’s why we try to capture them in their essence because we know that they are not going to remain the same the next time we look at them. It’s a mystery how those under the spell of the mountains can never go back the same. Everytime you come back from the mountains, there seems to have a shift within you that compels you to look deeper within yourself. This sense of self discovery is what takes you back to those magnanimous structures and you fall in love all over again. With the mountains, with yourself. In this issue of Chiiz magazine, we celebrate the mountains and bring to you, stories from the highlands.


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