Vol 41 – Silhouette

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Silhouette, one of the most widespread words that are hard to enunciate. Well, in Indian English, it is pronounced as “si-low-et., in British: “si-loo-et”, and in American: “si-luh-wet” It is characterized as the image of a person, animal, object, or a scene, exemplified as a solid shape of a single color—the horizons of a silhouette mix with the subject itself. Featureless interiors are the significant representation of a silhouette. It is usually referred to as a universal sub-genre that easily fits with every category. In photography, a silhouette can be combined with any genre to make an image more appealing. Boudoir, fashion, wildlife, and fine-art, all these genres conglomerates with Silhouettes. This issue is unique to itself in terms of featuring photographs, with featureless interiors. A picture is always defined by its interior features and infinite information, but in Silhouette, a conscious imagination is all one needs to understand the interiors of an image.

In this majestic issue of Chiiz Photography Magazine, we are exhibiting our efforts under the “Silhouette” theme. Our lovely readers will witness a fantastic art in our magazine’s feature section, where we are featuring a tremendous street silhouette photographer, Darren Bolger, from Dublin, Ireland. In addition to Darren, we have Subhash Nair, a wildlife photographer from Kerala, India, with his mesmerizing silhouette images of wildlife. Silhouette is just like the heart. One needs imagination to understand things, a feeling to embrace the essence of life, just like Nikodemus from Indonesia did in his picturesque shots of street-silhouette. With this much enthusiasm, we are featuring a Filipino, Martin Zapanta, who has enthralled us with his underwater fashion silhouette photographs.

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