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Sports Photography

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Chiiz Volume 18 :

Everyone in their lives go through one of the two following pains: the pain of regret or the pain of discipline. In this issue, we have frozen some of the moments from the lives of great daredevils who made every single moment count. We have Aniruddha Das who has captured the intricate times when a champ is in the building stage and what all is required to reach that glory. JoÃ?o Maia teaches us that it is not just out on the field that you have to prove your mettle but also in the real life. The only visually impaired photographer to cover the Rio 2016 Olympics, JoÃ?o is chasing his dreams and also making people aware with several lectures and seminars.

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Chiiz is first of its kind publication devoted to descriptive Photography. Drawing on the requirements of a photo enthusiast, Chiiz features photographers and their unique and incisive stories from across the globe. With the EXIF details of every capture, we try to give the reader a perspective that helps him/her understand the shot better and recreate it. Photographers from around the world have been featured showcasing their outstanding work in different genres of photography.

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