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Volume 23 – Pushkar Festival 2018


While photography is a craft that lives on in the framing of moments,
documenting the present so that it can be cherished in the future,
Pushkar Fair is a once-in-a-lifetime photography experience that
every photographer should have. This issue of Chiiz celebrates the
coming together of culture and traditions in the most vibrant of ways
as it presents the ‘Last of the Traditional Fairs- Pushkar Fair’.
Photographers from all over the world participate in this annual
livestock fair, making it a battlefield for photographers; each
photographer vying for the best way to frame the fair. We also
have some wonderful shots from a workshop that took place in ‘The
Forgotten Land of Budha Pushkar’ under the guidance of skilled
mentors. A photo feature on Shaitan Singh – an artist who takes the
guise of Lord Shiva – has been done remarkably, making us wonder if
he is a ‘Devil, God or…an Artist?’
Speaking of artists, Lois Greenfield’s work, ‘Still Motion’ is nothing
short of magical. While all photographers freeze moments, Lois
Greenfield sets the bar a notch higher when she manages to capture
stills that will take you to the period of renaissance.

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